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LED Video wall screen

Many different operations can benefit from a video wall. If you need to see tons of data that is being shared by a large number of users, this is a particularly effective way to do it. If you need to get the information fast and have it be easily viewable, there is no better means. A video wall is the perfect way to upgrade your data center in the 21st century.

If you manage a data center then you need a video display that is flexible and high performance. You obviously already have a system in place and maybe your data comes in many different formats. You need a video wall controller and software that will allow you to integrate all of your existing hardware and software. When you are capturing and displaying all of you data in real time it will give you the confidence that you need to make the critical decisions you are called upon to make.

A high quality video display will ensure that none of the data is misread. LED screens produce a clear picture with a bright screen and high contrast ratios. This not only makes for a beautiful picture, but as for very clear and easily readable text.

It’s likely that the data you are viewing and the decisions you are making will be time sensitive. That means that any downtime in the system will seriously hurt performance. Having the right video wall controller is extremely important. Heat is a video wall’s worst enemy. It can cut the life of your wall significantly. Look for a controller with a redundant cooling system. If a fan goes down, another will kick on to take it’s place. You can even swap out the old fan without having to shut down the controller. That means more productivity and fewer missed opportunities. It also means less overall maintenance. Redundant and hot swappable power supplies and hard drives are a must as well.

You want the LED video wall built to meet your specific needs. Every business if different, so every video wall should be too. Find a supplier who is willing to work with you. There are consulting companies that will help you to determine your primary needs and the hardware you’ll need to meet those requirements.

LED Video walls are becoming the industry standard for all sorts of businesses. Data centers are just one example of an effective application of this technology