Service Process

Products Advantages
Design as Modules: The current system designed to separate modules, and the modules will connect each only once, that improve the steady and reliability of the system.
Independence cabinet structure design: We design the standard cabinet structure, reduce the error, make the design more better. The cabinets are easy to install, there are anchor point between the cabinets, so the cabinet can be fixed up and impartiality. The connection between the cabinets is connection interface which has water-proof, easy-install, beauty and good operation.
Choose the materials in heart: For the long life of the display and more steady, we choose the best materials all over the world, such as MINGWEL power, ADDA fans in Taiwan, especially LED chips, we choose USE CREE, JAPAN NICHIA chips which have particular advantages in the best anti-static, steady, long life.

After-sell service

1. Two-Year quality warranty with lifelong maintenance
2. Free guarantee repair (including labor and material): free for repair service in Quality warranty period and reasonable charge for spare parts and maintaining service after the quality warranty period. We will never exempt our responsibilities on product owned defects.
3. Responding time: upon receiving user¡¯s notification, we ensure 24-hour after-sales technical support.
4. Spare parts: necessary spare parts are provided together with products to customers.
5. Free technical training: integrative and normative technology training is available for free to technical personnel from customer and to ensure trainees to be skilled in regular operation of hardware and software of products and be able to estimate and solve small problems.
6. Telephone Investigation: our after-sales team will telephone user every month in warranty period to follow up the working condition of the products, and to discover problem and solve the problem instantly.
7. Software upgrade: lifelong maintenance of controlling system, incessant improvement on the system functions and unending software upgrades
8. Site Instruction Service of installation is available.

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