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Rental LED Display

Outdoor Rental LED Display

M-shine outdoor rental LED display series adopting imported excellent LED lighting chips,With a high level of gray scale control system, the powerful broadcast system, unique viedo processing technology. An advanced brightness& white balance control system and a perfect electricity distribution system.

It is able to show the excellent dynamic viedo effects, It is widely used in government squares, leisure square exhibition center, commercial centers, It has the functions of video broadcasting. 

Standard Outdoor Rental Display


Slim Outdoor Rental Display

Main Characteristics:


1, The cabinet is thin, light, deformation assistant and easy to transport. In addition, it is convenient to assemble and disassemble.

2, Supports signal flow randomly, satisfies different array and putting in order to create

different image effects.

3, Equips professional video processor, which supports signal formats like AV, DP, VGA,


4, Supports brightness adjustment and white balance custom adjustment with 256 levels,

which enables mix usage of different batches of display.

5, Good effect of water proof, with IP65 ingress protection, applied for outdoor rental use.

6, Equipping with every spec of flight cases, which are convenient to store and transport,

and also well protection for displays.

7, Possess high refreshing frequency, which satisfies different photograph needs of

different occasions, in addition avoids blink of photographing effectively. 

Construction of Truss


Outdoor Hanging Effect



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