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P37.5 LED Mesh Outdoor Led Display

M-Shine P37.5 Outdoor Mesh Led Display

P37.5 Outdoor LED Mesh Screen with advantages of lightness configuration, easy installation, low cost, high brightness,waterproof.etc.

1.Outdoor LED Screen Meshis classics of light thin, transparent gridding structure curtain product.
2.Hollow design, super wind resistance, rain-proof design, can be assembled to lager size.
3.Stable performance, mature product technology.
4.Large LED view angle in vertical and horizontal ,prefer to wide horizontal and long height environment.
5. Low power consumption
6. Good viewing effect for both text and graphic or video
7 With high and adjustable brightness, it can fully satisfy various customer requirements.
8 It is widely used for stages, theaters, bars and other entertainment places. 



1, PP P37.5
2, Pixel Configuration 2R1G1B,DIP
3, Brightness up to 3500nits
4, Cabinet Size 600*600*80mm
5, Viewing Angle Horizontal 120°, Vertical 120°
6, Min. Viewing Distance 35meters
7, Fresh Frequency ≥600Hz
8, Frame Frequency 50-60hz
9, Input Voltage AC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz
10, Defects Rate ≤0.00001
11, Power Comsuption Max.: 200W    Average:40W
12, Screen Weight 7kg/pc
13, MTBF >10,000 hours
14, Life Span ≥100,000 hours
15, Module Display Brightness Uniformity <3%
16, Earth Leakage Current <3mA
17, Protective Grade IP65
18, Temperature-operating 40℃60℃
19, Humidity-operating 10%-95%
20 Controlling system Processor S type /x4/x5
21, Operating System Windows98/me/2000/NT/XP
22, Cabinet Material Iron


Usage Outdoor
24, Transparency 40%










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