mesh led display


              Pixel Pitch Cabinet Size Pixel Form Refresh Rate Brightness Scan Mode Weight
P12.5Indoor Rental Transparent led 400X800X35mm 1R1G1B,SMD3528 >800HZ >700cd/㎡  1/8 scan  6KG
PH20Indoor Rental Transparent led 320X640X35mm 1R1G1B,SMD3528 >800HZ >700cd/㎡  1/4 scan 5KG
PH25Indoor Rental Transparent led 400X800X35mm 1R1G1B,SMD3528 >800HZ >700cd/㎡  1/4 scan 6KG



  • Introduction
  • Structure
  • Installation
  • Application



Mesh LED Display for Stage Rental Business:
1. SMD 3 IN 1 style LED technology applied to ensure optimal effect of mixed light with large viewing angle.

2. Using plastic and aluminum die-casting non-cabinet design achieve light weight, anti-distortion. 2 modules is one panel, the user just need to assemble the panels one by one, stopper and pin lock. It's easy to assemble the screen only by hands or using simple tools.

3. Flexibility and transparent, it can be assembled into any shapes, such as round, curve, s shape, or video wall for hanging etc. It's 30 degree angle for right and left side

4 Fast repair and easy maintenance. User can change the broken module on the screens very easily, the broken module will not influence the other modules' working, just change it with prepare module.

5. High refresh from 1000Hz-- 10000Hz, no scanning lines even under the HD camera.