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Detailed Product Description

LEDSync822 is a powerful and high-performance LED front-end video image processing device. It supports the input of multiple kinds of video image signals, able to conduct high-quality image zoom processing, finally connected to LED display in. DVI full digital signal format.

LEDSync822 contains a special PAL/NTSC video deinterlacing processing chip and 1 high-performance format converting and image zoom processing chip. It can convert video image signal of different types, systems and formats such as DVI, RGB, HDTV, PAL/NTSC compound video and S-video into LED display in high quality, it is the most ideal front-end video image processing device for LED display.

LEDSync822 supports easy and consummate operations and adjustment, user can control signal shift in three methods, i. E. Control panel or RS_232. The setup of LED display windows, adjustment of video picture parameters can be easily realized by the supplied setup software of LEDSync822 by user himself through RS_232 serial port.

Unlike computer-based video capture card scheme, once setup and adjustment are finished, LEDSync822 will immediately become a separately controllable video image processing play control device, very easy to use.

Other items:

Internal Sending Card

It is inserted in the PCI port of the PC,

can control 1920*1080pixels

External Sending Card

it is connected with PC by DVI cable and USB

cable,can control 1920*1080 pixels

Carton case
Flight case
Receiving card box Provide signal for the LED screen
LED Display Video Processor
HDMI to DVI convertor cable

If there is not DVI port in the PC but HDMI is

available ( like most of the laptop), so this cable

can convert the HDMI signal to DVI signal

Laptop Computer

If you are unfamiliar with computer and LED display

system and are worried about the configure the

whole system, so the preset laptop is available,

so everything will be plug and play

when you get the whole system.