Full color LED dance floor display

LED video Dance Floor is a new digital terrestrial display device, Can be used in both indoor and outdoor performances, you can display any video/flash (all files inside your computer) to our LED Video Dance floor through our control system. It uses a high strength resin mask, the support of solid aluminum cabinet, big load-bearing capacity,easy to connect, can be directly stampede with highly performance protective structure, can be connected seamlessly next panel, random combinations.

Full color LED dance floor display Parameter

1 Module P10,SMD 3528,160mmx80mm
2 Cabinet



3 Weight 30kg/sqm
4 Brightness up tpo 3500nits
5 System Working Enviornment Temperature -20°C~+60°C
6 System Working Enviornment humidity 10%~95%RH
7 IP Ratings IP45
8 Syetem Operating Platform WINDOWS (WIN98, WIN2000, WIN XP) friendly interface, Keep the interface for the secondary development




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