Front Service Led Display

M-shine front serviceable led sign is a innovative technology, which leading the whole industry trend. This LED display series allow both front and rear service, which could enable tons of convenience the customers.

Easy installation and light weight can make it amount in the wall or lift against the wall.

Front accessible design allows customers to make thinner LED display, which is suitable for some special locations where there is no more space for rear maintenance.

Module Front Service means fix the module on the cabinet from front of the sign, once the module needs service, can take out the module from front side.

Easy and fast installation, light weight, can hang mount on the wall, Lifting rely on the wall. Front side maintenance LED screen which eliminates the maintain space for the rear screen to achieve the former maintenance, so we can make it very thin for some special installing sites. Dust and Weather proof, wide range of working temperature (-35°C~70°C), can be used in all kinds of circumstance, such as moisture, smog, storm.

 front serviceable led display is suitable for all range of pixel pitch, and currently the best sold items are: P10MM-32x32, P16MM-20x20, P20MM-16x16, and so on. Based on the traditional cabinet structure, the module fast lock makes it not only labor-saving, but also easy and fast service convenient. The cabinet measurement, material and thinness are all can be customized.

Features: Outdoor high resolution, all-weather proof. High brightness with super low power consumption, smart structure design and long time proven technology.


Characteristics:No need go inside sign to suffer heat torturing now!

1. General Module design makes perfect flatness on the surface; minimize the gap between modules and cabinets.

2. Ultra high brightness (8000 Nits) with low power consumption (average 200W/M2).

3. High refresh rate with software adjustable, suitable for videos, picture and filming.

4. High gray scale (16 bits) with perfect real visual performance and effects

5. High Contrast ratio (2000:1) with self-developed black mask and black coating technique.

6. Wide viewing angle (greater than 120 ° in horizontal).

5. IP65 protection rating.

7. Easy and fast installation and maintaining design. (Install or remove a module only takes 8 seconds).

8. High reliability and long lifespan (MTBF ≥ 5000 hours). And on-site pixel by pixel brightness and color correction bring greater uniformity.

Available applications: Outdoor advertising, billboards, rental business ,allow both front and rear service.


The Main Features of Front&Rear Dual-channel Maintenance LED panel:

1. Screws become unnecessary between LED modules and cabinets; without screws, the demounting and mounting process becomes a lot easier. Within a few seconds, the LED module can be demounted off the cabinet so that the working efficiency is highly enhanced.

2. Cabinets become a lot thin and light, with thickness 115mm and weight 26kg in maximum. Compared with similar products in the existing market, it is more light and thinner.

3. More space has been saved, compared with large space needed for maintenance service within tradtional LED Display.


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